I am an ordained pastor who has served congregations in three different denominations.  As that varied professional background suggests, my own faith journey is best described in terms of liminal spirituality:  that is, I travel outside the usual religious traditions and do not fit precisely into customary spiritual categories.  I practice what theologian John Dunne called “passing over,” meaning that I spend time on spiritual paths that are different from what I know best, not in order to convert others or myself, but to gain a deeper, more nuanced understanding of my own path.

The prayers and practices on this website reflect my explorations of other traditions and my journey through liminal spaces.  Some of the writing is original, some offers an adaptation of a traditional practice or passage of scripture.  I invite you to sample, to savor what works and move on from what does not work, and be in touch with me if you like.  We are companions on this lifelong journey into the heart of God.

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